Sunday, January 6, 2008

Local Foodstuffs

Not being a native Knoxvillian, I had no idea where I may buy fresh and organic foods to feed my son. Thank goodness for Local Harvest, which provides the following (I'm sure non-exhaustive list). So, now my excuses for buying Mexican grown watermelons are OVER!

1. Three Rivers Market-- on North Broadway, a fantastic co-op gocery which just could be the best place to buy dry herbs in town! Also, the beer and dark chocolate selection ain't so bad either.
2. Farmers' Market in Market Square-- every Saturday with organic produce and meat. Also, I hear Everything Mushrooms is selling wood permeated with spores for a DIY mushroom addiction.
3. Cruze Dairy Farm-- pasteurized but NOT homogenized. Located at 3200 Frazier Road in Knoxville.
4. Milne Farm-- Pick your own fruit on Greenback! (blueberries are the BEST still warm, right off the branch).

Of course, there are more options, like my backyard. Go to to check your local fresh healthy foodstuff, and remember to bring your own bag!

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